Friday, June 02, 2006

I love our cleaning lady. Her name is Shirley and her husband's name is Gilmar and they rock. They are from Brazil. A few years ago they went back to Brazil saying they would return in a month. In the interim they had a replacement cleaner sub for them. They were not very good. Nothing could compare to Shirley and Gilmar. Then we received a note saying that Shirley and Gilmar were staying in Brazil indefinitely due to unforseen circumstances. We let the replacement cleaners go and hired a new woman named Maria. Maria was better but still she was no Shirley and Gilmar. Then about 6 months ago we heard that Shirley and Gilmar were back in the States. We fired Maria and immediately re-hired Shirley. That made me happy. If you or anyone you know needs a great cleaning person in SF let me know and I'll ping you their contact information

I'm falling in love... with! Every Thursday, my wife and I go out on a date. It's hard to come up with new and interesting places to eat or see that we've never been to before. I used to use which was okay but I recently started to use Yelp and I've been hooked ever since. Excellent UI. Looks like Yahoo! Local (also great ui redesign job btw) but it's better cause it's completely user-driven. And users are more motivated to review since Yelp has a clever reward system in place. So it's more reliable reviews and not just spam. I've made some nice discoveries and love to browse not just for restaurants but other services too. Go Yelp!