Saturday, July 15, 2006

the Switch

I am changing my focus in school from Animator to Storyboard Artist/ PreVis. The process of making a film in a very rough nutshell:

1. First there is a Writer who writes a Script.
2. Then there is a Storyboard Artist (or Story Artist) who takes the script and stages it into visual sequences.
3. Then it gets passed on to the Actors or Animators who put the performance into the scene

In between 2 and 3 is a rising discipline called PreVis which is someone who creates 3D animatics. Animatics are animated storyboards. It provides not only camera angle and staging but also timing as well.

Also in animation, the Story Artists work in the Story Dept and are essentially the Writers. Storyboard Artists can go on to direct their own feature or short feature.

I felt pretty torn about this decision since I really enjoy animation. But I think Story is where I really want to be.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" Review:

I loved it.

While Superman was an fairly good movie that was too long, POTC:DMC was a great movie that was also too long. Yes, it was too long at 2 and half hours. But, boy was it fun! Some of the great action special FX sequences were actually too much, too draining. And yes, the plot was convoluted, twisting and turning as much as the stuntmen did. But boy, was it entertaining.

The next movie I'm looking forward to seeing that has been getting a lot of very good buzz is Monster House. This summer may turn out to be a great movie season after all.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"Superman Returns"
I was very excited to see this movie. It was the one of two big movies of the summer I was psyched about. Initially the buzz was excellent. But after last Wednesday I was reading a few bad reviews. Then I started talking to people who'd seen it and they were underwhelmed. Both mentioned the length of the movie at 2 hrs 34 minutes. That's long.

Superman was a very long pretty good movie. not a long bad movie and not a long great movie. Shave off 20 minutes and it would've been a really good movie. The major action scenes were AMAZING. Brandon Routh did a fine job, Kate Bosworth was so-so, Spacey was good, Parker Posey was surprisingly excellent. Some people I know had issues with a big surprise in the middle, but not only was I not surprised by it (kind of expected it actually) it didn't bother me that they didn't resolve it completely.

This was the other big summer movie I was excited about. And it was good. Not great, but good. The second act had too many equally weighted subplots and it was hard to believe the change in character of the protagonist, Lightning McQueen.

But the racing scenes were great and the ending still pulled at my heartstrings. The look of the film was absolutely incredible.

Tonight we've rented "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl" since my wife hasn't seen it and we're planning on seeing "Dead Man's Chest" this Thursday.