Saturday, February 11, 2006

Learning Maya 7.0 is like learning how to sail a boat, drive a car and fly an airplane at the same time. All those activities are fun, once you figure out what all the controls are for. I find the UI very interesting. Very clean and consistent but they layered on the complexity which allows for power. Ease of use is solved by teachers teaching you how to use it. That's practically the only way to really figure out how to use it well.

Our second baby refuses to come out. We have a C-section scheduled for this Monday avoiding Valentine's Day by one day. I'm guessing it's a girl.

I've been working out at the gym regularly and am finally feeling the difference in the weights and cardio. But I still have a little pain in the throat - considering seeing the doctor once again. It feels like my tonsils but I can't be sure. It hurts when I move my tongue.

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