Tuesday, March 14, 2006

When the FIFA World Cup was being played in Korea in 2002 I was living in an apartment that had cable. We had just bought a house and moved all our belongings to our new home. But the house did not have cable.

Korea had made it to the semifinals to play against the Germans. I had asked a friend to tape it for me and was going to avoid any media mention of the game result until I could pick up the tape and see the game for myself. That night I couldn't fall asleep, thinking of the game.

It was something like 2am and the game started around 3am. Our apartment was bare but we still had the lease until the end of the month. So I went downstairs to our basement, unplugged the TV, put it in my car, drove to the apartment, plugged it in, watched the game, saw Korea play great but lose, put the TV back in my car, and drove back to the house and finally fall asleep.

Hines Ward, MVP of the SuperBowl, is half-Korean and Korea just beat the USA in the World Baseball Classic tonight.

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