Thursday, January 25, 2007

Myth Restaurant (SF)

After reading this blog review of Michael Mina, complete with very nice photos, I commented on a recent trip to Myth Restaurant which I'm reposting here...

Recently went to Myth Restaurant. The chef was an alum of Gary Danko I think. It's more casual than GD - a hip restaurant but full of older people...? Food was quite good but not outstanding. (Absolutely loved GD btw.)

Interior design is very open so you can see across the whole room. We were seated next to a pair of women. I ended up staring at one of them who I thought was strikingly unattractive. Then I realized she was a man. Yep, a man, baby! (Austin p) She was decked out - very convincing wig, full-on makup, nice dress. His date was a (biological) woman who looked just like him. He/she must have been a regular b/c many of the staff, including the chef i think, kept visiting their table to make conversation.

Made me think of that movie with Tom Wilkinson and Jessica Lange...what was it...googlesearchnetflixsearch... found it!

(i use y! movies for cast & crew profiles, better than imdb.)

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