Thursday, June 07, 2007

"Once" Movie

I don't like cheesy romantic films. I'll only see them when I know they're 4 star films or if my wife insists. But in general I don't dig chick flicks. Not that chick flicks are bad films; Steel Magnolias is a really good movie, Terms of Endearment is a great movie - both chick flicks.

I have a good bud named Geoffrey Pay who is a media-head like me. He and I always talk movies and our tastes rarely diverge. But he would never spam an email list to promote a film unless he was sure about it. Last week he did, it said go see the movie, "Once." So the wife and I did last night, caught it at the Embarcadero in SF.

Best movie I've seen in a theater all year.

It ain't Shakespeare, it won't be compared to Citizen Kane. But it's the most moving film I've seen in a long time. It's honest, it's intimate, it's different... it's a musical. Yes, a musical. But not like West Side Story or Guys and Dolls but more like 8 Mile or Hustle and Flow (not that I've seen either of those films.)

I recommend not knowing anything more about it. Go in blind. Take your significant other. Take a date. Take both! They'll love it and so will you.

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