Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Office Space

I have a new office space. I’m sharing a basement room in an apartment building between Haight Ashbury and Cole Valley. It’s perfect. It’s quiet, cheap, carpeted and clean. My officemate is a graphic designer and plays in his own band called The Matinees.

The location is a 7 minute bike ride from my house. It’s a place away from home that I can focus on work. And most importantly – there is no internet connection and no TV and no kids. Disconnected.

I set up my drafting table and put my old desktop computer in place. I’m doing a lot more writing than drawing - outlining storyboards before I thumbnail them.

I listen to my Sansa, usually to podcasts like RadioLab or This American Life. Both the Haight and Cole Valley are great neighborhoods to walk around and find something to eat. My new vice is a soy latte.

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