Monday, March 10, 2008

I've been tagged for a "meme"....?

I'm not exactly sure what this is or how it works but my second cousin Beth tagged me so here it goes...

4 jobs I’ve had

1. Cigarette Captain at Philip Morris. [read all about it here]

2. Fire Extinguisher Checker for the PENN Safety Department. The title says it all.

3. Bellboy for The Avalon Inn (Warren, Ohio), where I got into my first car accident with the company van.

4. Grill worker for "The World's Most Magnificent McDonald's" in Niles, Ohio.

4 shows I’m watching

1. How It's Made on Discovery Channel my sons love this show.

2. ESPN PTI - my guilty pleasure, and I do mean guilty.

3. Avatar, the Last Airbender - honest to god, the best show on TV

4. Battlestar Galactica - it jumped the shark during during season 3 but I still dig it.

4 places I’ve been

1. India - beautiful and crowded

2. China - hot and crowded

3. New York City - fun and crowded

4. on the ferry from piraeus to san torini - barfy and crowded

4 CDs I’m listening to

don't listen to CD's, instead i use Rhapsody. I listen to tracks at random and I don't know the artist's names or even albums. So I'm completely useless here. Suffice it to say, I'm not the biggest musicophile in the world.

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Cassandra Jupiter said...

Fred! I'm Kenny, Beth's biggest (non-related)fan! I like how you did your meme, it was very interesting. Cigarette captain! My sister used to work at RJ Reynolds. Her job was to sell the cancer sticks and she used to get sexually harrassed on a frequent basis by the bodega owners.