Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yahoo ID Odd-yssey

About a month ago I tried to log into my Yahoo! Mail account and couldn’t get in. It said my password didn’t match. But I hadn’t changed my password. When I tried to reset my password online, it said it couldn’t do that either.

So I sent a help request form to Customer Care and a few days later they told me that I broke the Yahoo! Terms of Service Agreement and that’s why the shut my Yahoo ID down.
I had no idea what they were talking about, but deduced that it had something to do with Yahoo! Small Business and the two domains I had registered there, namely and – sure enough, those sites weren’t working either.

Every time I asked for more information, I got the same form letter saying I had broken the Y! TOS blah blah blah. What I found completely ridiculous was that there was no warning or communication from Yahoo! that they were about to shut down my ID. This was an ID that I’d had for over 13 years. And I used to work there. The outrage!!!!

Normally I would’ve just said screw Yahoo! After all, I hardly used that email account and wasn’t even using My Yahoo anymore since they forced the “upgrade” to the new UI.

BUT, I was playing in a fantasy football league on Y! Sports. And this would’ve totally ruined the season for myself and everybody else in the league.

So, I called in the big guns. I contacted a former uberYahoo! who’s no longer there who passed my grievance to another uberYahoo! who is still there and before you know it – ZAP! I got my ID back with an email saying all was restored and we apologize for any inconvenience. My two domains were still gone and I had to re-register them and now they just point to my fredfolio blog.

If it weren’t for connections, I’d be screwed.

So while I still play fantasy football on Yahoo!, I’ve gone to every single site I’ve ever registered with my email address and changed it to my gmail account. Not out of anger, but fear that somehow they’ll screw me over again.

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