Thursday, January 04, 2007

Movie Reviewee

I've seen 3 movies in the theatres that are probably going to be nominated for an Oscar or two if not Best Picture.

Little Miss Sunshine
Very funny, very good. I'm a big fan of the ensemble cast. I listened to the Creative Screenwriters Magazine podcast of Michael Arndt who wrote the film and currently works fulltime at Pixar. Excellent interview. My favorite bit, "And where is your grandad now?" "In the trunk of our van."

The Queen
Good film, well made but I wasn't completely blown away by it. Helen Mirren was, as usual, perfection. An interesting film but a little dry and not very dramatic. But I still give it the thumbs up.

Harrowing. A very very good film. I felt the panic of all the situations (and there were many) and I wasn't taken out of the story at any point. I highly recommend this flick but not if you don't like tense films that leave you feeling more than a little drained.

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