Sunday, January 28, 2007

My New Obsession...

When I discover something I like, I really dive into it completely. I immediately rented all of "Deadwood" Season 1. I binged on "Battlestar Galactica" Miniseries, Season 1 and half of Season 2 from iTunes. Well, move over Battlestar, you've jumped the shark - and hello to my new obsession...

"Avatar: the Last Airbender"

Yes the title is pretty forking lame. And the characters at first glance make it look like it's "just for kids". But this show is seriously good.

First, the animation is GOOD. Usually you don't find good animation in television cartoons because there isn't enough of a budget and time to make it good. That started to change when Bruce Timm developed Batman the Animated Series in the late 90's - he gave a sense of style and grace to the movement and character design as well as great storylines, in a medium that was still cheap. A lot of Japanese anime shows are more like animatics, where it's just a still frame with camera pans - very cheap and uninspiring. But the animation in Avatar is smooth, graceful, intricate even.

Second, the story is GREAT. It is character driven. It is well researched. It is well designed. Again, I'm talking about Story. Plot points come full circle. Episodes link with one another in an epic sweep. It is well executed.

Third, it is pumping on all cylinders. The voice actors are good to great. The character designs are brilliant, the layouts are gorgeous and they didn't skimp on any production detail. Wiki this thing and watch it!

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