Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Home Alone

The wife took a business trip to Baltimore from Saturday to Tuesday and I was home alone with the two boys. While I have been a pretty involved dad and being the primary parent on duty (PPOD) was nothing new, this was a fairly long stretch for me. The big difference boiled down to one thing: there is no backup.

When there is a diaper changing emergency you can't call on your significant other for a little help. When one both boys are having mini-emergencies you have to choose to deal with one at a time. In the middle of the night wake-ups, there's no taking turns to deal, it's just you.

Milo, the older one, really missed his mommy but overall he did ok. Ben, the younger, didn't seem to mind at all, out of sight out of mind. I did well and am pretty proud of maintaining some sense of normalcy in the household. Nobody got hurt and everybody was fed. But, I am really frickin tired.

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