Friday, March 02, 2007


I forkin hate Duke. And I really hate Duke basketball. Why? Maybe it was the Kentucky/Duke championship game where Christian Laettner (grade A asshole) stepped on the Kentucky player and went on the hit the game winning shot. I hate Christian Laettner. Maybe it's that Duke's rep is that of a homogeneous, white, privileged, stuck-up, entitled, white, cocky school (reminiscent of my high school. I hated high school.) Maybe it's the Duke fans. Yeah, it's the fans.

I actually like the coach, Mike Krzyzewski. I respect what he does and how he does it. But I find the Duke fan just completely obnoxious and undeserving. Feel the hate. Feel it.

Why mention it? Well, you see, my wife went to Duke. And she has a lot of friends here in the Bay Area who were her classmates. And now they're my friends. And get this, they're all really great people. Well, most of them anyway. But they do shatter my image of Duke. But does it quell my hatred of their basketball team?


So when people find out how much I hate Duke and that my wife went to Duke they ask is that a problem in our relationship. I reply, "Only in March."

It's March.

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